Perfect Breathing, Breathslim, on LifeTime Channel

mind-150x130 (7)We were recently invited to appear on Lifetime channels morning show “The Balancing Act” along with our friends at Breathslim, and author Pam Grout to talk about how the breath can dramatically impact all of the different dimensions of your life – your health, performance, and emotions(detailed in our book “Perfect Breathing”). The show segment is about the Breathslim, a device that uses the breath to accelerate weight loss (see our recent review of the Breathslim device). We were invited to provide expert insight into the other benefits of conscious breathing.

We were of course very skeptical at first, but came away feeling pretty good about it after talking with author Pam Grout, who is an expert on the subject, meeting people who have used the device to lose weight, and getting to know the CEO, Aleksey Shlyakhta. As we said in our review, we’re happy to throw our support behind anything that gets people to spend 15-20 minutes a day doing deep, intentional breathing. How wrong could that be?

The segment airs on the Lifetime channel (The Balancing Act) at 7:00 AM, this Wednesday, November 10th. Check out the trailer (this will become a link to the show after air date):

PS: Our friends at Breathslim have given us a promotional code (PPP-7sks) good for a 10% discount.