Breathing to Lose Weight? The BreathSlim Review

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We recently had the opportunity to review a new breathing device called BreathSlim that claims to help users loose unwanted pounds by just using the power of the breath. Most everyone is skeptical when they hear these kinds of claims, so we were happy to have a chance to use the device and see for ourselves.

The Breathslim breathing device review

The Breathslim breathing device is seemingly simple and is the result of more than 12 years of research. It consists of a small plastic beaker with a filter and a plastic breathing tube. The beaker is filled with about an inch of water. You begin by inhaling through your nose and then exhaling into the tube and into the beaker of water, which creates back pressure and thus forces more oxygen into the blood stream. Mountain climbers use a similar technique called “pressure breathing” to increase the O2 in their blood.

Breatslim breathing device - does it help you lose weight?
Breathslim Breathing Device

The Breathslim breathing device is simple to use, but using the BreathSlim forces you to take deep breaths and definitely works and strengthens your diaphragm and other respiratory muscles. This practice gradually re-develops the habit of slow, deep breathing that most adults have lost. In our book “Perfect Breathing: Transform Your Life One Breath at a Time” we build a strong case for the transformative benefits of slow, deep, conscious breathing with even just a few minutes of practice everyday. The BreathSlim team recommends that you use their device for 20 minutes daily. People who follow that recommendation on a regular basis will undoubtedly see the positive changes to their health, performance, and emotions, which we have extensively detailed in “Perfect Breathing” and are the subject of nearly every post in this blog.

Does the Breathslim breathing device help you lose weight?

It is hard for us to say. Yes, I have personally used the device, but fortunately do not have any extra weight to shed. The BreathSlim team makes a strong case from a metabolic standpoint that increasing your oxygen level creates more energy by burning more fat, but the scientific studies that have been done so far are somewhat limited. We did speak to several enthusiastic BreathSlim users who have lost weight while using the device, but would love to see a strong double-blind study to really seal the deal.

In BreathSlim’s favor is the fact that conscious breathing techniques can directly affect and counteract a number of the variables that determine our propensity for adding and keeping weight on – emotional wellbeing, energy level, overall health, and especially stress – which not only affects appetite (stress eating) and sleep, but also can signal the body to store more fat. Improved breathing also improves awareness – which can help people be more conscious of their mind, body, emotions and the choices they make, possibly allowing them to make better, healthier decisions.

One thing that we can say with confidence after using the device, is that if someone uses BreathSlim on a daily basis, they will experience a host of positive benefits and changes in their life. For example, vagus never stimulation is achieved by the breathing techniques. The effects of these techniques are the same as diaphragmatic breathing benefits. If you loose those expendable pounds along the way, well that is just icing on the cake!

Have you used the BreathSlim or have other thoughts on breathing and weight loss? Let us hear from you!

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