Sex and Breathing (or Taking it to the Sheets)

Ok, I have to admit that some of our posts may get a bit geeky from time to time. Information about how brain cells affect the breathing process may not appeal to your average Joe Sixpack. But fear not. Here is news you can use!

Dallas free-lancer Jenny Block wrote a great piece a while back regarding her foray into the world of yoga and how the breathing techniques she learned have provided her with new inspiration (pun intended) and pleasure with her partner.

A great observation that she made was that the simpler the solution, the more likely that people will ignore it or not take it seriously. We have definitely found this to be true with breathing techniques in general. They equate expensive and difficult with effective, but we are slowly converting people – one breather at at time!

Here are a few of Jenny’s discoveries:

1) Aside from making everything function better, breathing focuses your mind and brings you into the moment and allows you to focus on your partner, instead of worrying about that report that you owe your boss. It allows you to relax and fully appreciate the experience. Matching your breath with your partners will deepen your connection.

2) You can use the pace of your breath to control the pace of your lovemaking. Fast, short breathing will get you to the top faster (“I’m going to be late for work!” See #1), while slow, deep breathing will allow you to slow things down and take your time. For extra credit, try combining the two!

3) Focusing on your breath opens you up to the creativity of the moment. I helps you to become spontaneous. It clears your mind, which is why it is so heavily used in meditation and other spiritual practices. It shuts down that voice that is always criticizing and analyzing which is why it is also used by actors, singers, musicians, and performing artists of all kinds to open themselves up to the muse.

Got any tips to offer? We love to hear from you!

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