Joe Kita Uses the Breath for Healthier Travel

guest-150x130Health and fitness author Joe Kita has been blogging on his Core Performance One Small Change site about the use of mindful breathing and how it can be used in everyday life. Joe is using core info from our book, “Perfect Breathing,” in his month-long exploration.

His post today talked about travel and how to stay healthy. Love his lead paragraph: “I’m sitting deep in coach between a fidgety three-year-old with a runny nose and, across the aisle, a middle-age woman with a frightening cold sore who for some reason keeps smiling at me. I’m trying to focus on my newspaper and not worry, but the lead story is about an outbreak of swine flu on a cruise ship.
“I’m doomed, I presume. Just about every time I fly I catch a cold or flu, and this time will probably be no different. Unless….”

Joe immediately begins using a technique we call “Healing Breath.” (See the full exercise here).

His evaluation: “Although it sounds a bit out there and I worry that all the extra inhaling might actually bring in more germs, I give it a try. Besides helping take my mind off the kid and that woman’s lip, it settles and centers me like all the other breathing exercises I’ve tried so far.”

And did it work? “Although it may be coincidence, 10 days later as I write this I have none of the anticipated sniffles or scratchiness from the trip. In fact, I’m intrigued enough to have written the drill on the back of a business card that I tucked into my travel briefcase. I intend to experiment some more the next time I’m at 30,000 feet.”

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