Healthier Living & Better Breathing with Health Txts

mind-150x130Our good friend Fred Muench over at Mobile Health Interventions just let us know about a great new service they have just recently launched called Health Txts. This handy new service allows you to have specialized messages sent to your mobile device to help you change behaviors and reach your goals more quickly. Message categories span the spectrum – everything from healthy eating and exercise, reducing drinking and drug use, gambling and smoking cessation, to stress management and dental hygiene. Health Care professionals can even create customized programs for their own clients!

This type of messaging has been shown to be a powerful way of behavior modification as it is constantly available and can help guide you through your weakest moments. Best of all, it is free during their launch.

Fred has a lot of experience in this area. He was one of the brains behind the Stress Eraser, a cool biofeedback device for triggering the body’s natural relaxation response through guided breathing. He was also one of the key contributors to the Breath Pacer mobile application, which also helps to develop the habit of slow deep breathing.

These are great products that we highly recommend. If you are serious about improving your health, performance, and emotional well-being, learn to develop your most powerful asset – your breath. It can make a world of difference in every dimension of your life.

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