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Curing Email Apnea

“Email apnea” – a very real affliction in our hurry-up-and-do-everything-at-once digital society. Learning to breath deeply using the diaphragm (also known as diaphragmatic breathing, can help.

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Laugh, and Breathe Better!

The combination of laughter exercises with breathing and stretching exercises derived from yoga comprises Laughter Yoga. Yoga teachings say, according to the article, that “we are alive because of the life-sustaining energy force known in yoga as prana. It enters our body through breathing and flows through the energy channels called nadis, very much like the Chinese chi, which flows through meridians.”

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Breathing a Huge Sigh

Interesting new research has emerged about the importance of the lowly sigh. We all do it, and for a variety of reasons. In a story on the website MedIndia – Network for Health, sighing actually increases the flexibility of the human breathing system.

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Breathe Easy!

I have found, thanks to a sympathetic massage therapist a while back, that a tiny bit of eucalyptus oil, available at many health food stores, or other essential aromatic oils such as peppermint can help dramatically when face down on the massage table.

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Sign Up Now for the Perfect Breathing eWorkbook Series!

Perfect Breathing is now proud to offer a new eWorkbook Series: Perfect Breathing – A 28-Day Transformation to Better Living. Our new eWorkbook series will teach you to how to be aware of your breath and consciously use it in your daily life to hep you improve your health, mental and physical performance, and emotional well-being.

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Your Secret Weapon for Combating Holiday Stress

During the holiday season it is more important than ever to take advantage of the remarkable powers and benefits of conscious, intentional use of your breath. It is your secret weapon for minimizing the stress of the holidays while maximizing your enjoyment.

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