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U of O’s Ethos magazine touts mindful breathing’s benefits

Ethos-LogoOur very own Al Lee is part of a new story in the latest edition of the University of Oregon’s Ethos magazine. The article, “Breathing With a Purpose,” by Kelsey Thalhofer, talks with Quincy O’Toole, a NIA instructor, Sandra Richey-Wallace, a respiratory therapist at the Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, and Al, to help further the idea that mindful breathing affects every dimension of your life.

Thalhofer also talked with Tom McCarthy, a postmaster in Hawaii, who found our book in a local library. He’d been suffering from chronic respiratory problems and was at wit’s end for help. He tried several of the exercises in Perfect Breathing and found immediate results.

“I’m living proof that it works,” McCarthy says. “My cough, which had such a big impact on my daily life and health, could be solved so simply and naturally without any drugs or foreign substance; just air. There’s no co-pay on that!”

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